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Official opening of scaffold production in Günzburg / Bavaria

Sep 27, 2017

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Sep 27, 2017
Günzburg, Germany
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Consolidation and significant expansion of scaffolding activities, Günzburg, Germany

Weissenhorn‑based PERI GmbH has planned further growth in its scaffolding division and to this end has created the required production capacities. As any expansion possibilities at the main plant in Weissenhorn are limited, a new manufacturing facility in the neighbouring town of Günzburg is beeing build since January 2016. The primary plant for the PERI UP scaffolding technology was officially opened on 22 September 2017.

In the years following the founding of the company in 1969, PERI focused on the development of girders and formwork systems with props, simple shoring systems as well as climbing systems for the construction industry being quickly added to the product range. The first scaffolding system in the PERI portfolio was the PERI UP T 72 Frame Scaffold in 1998 followed by other products for various applications in scaffolding technology. For the future, the PERI strategy is one of pursuing significant and sustained growth for this business area. In the process, one important segment with great potential is industrial scaffolding applications; for example, solutions for plant engineering in the process and energy technology sector. In addition, PERI UP scaffolding technology offers a wide range of applications and customer benefits for the entire building trade.

An essential prerequisite for this growth is state-of-the-art and efficient scaffolding production along with the corresponding capacities. At the headquarters in Weissenhorn, however, all available expansion areas have been reserved for the expected development of the central administration as well as the German sales and distribution subsidiary; furthermore, the company is keeping certain areas of the premises in reserve for expanding the manufacture of its formwork systems. The site acquired in Günzburg is therefore the perfect complement for PERI. The advantages of the new location are, on the one hand, the supply of qualified specialist workers together with reliable suppliers and, on the other, the close proximity to the Weissenhorn headquarters and the excellent logistical location directly on the A8 motorway.

"The purchase of the site is another important step for us as part of our growth strategy in the scaffolding market. We think in the long term and, with the addition of the Günzburg facility, we have created the framework conditions for future company growth.” explained Leonhard Braig, Managing Director for Product and Technology at PERI.

The primary plant concept: Production facilities in Germany as a global model

The production facility in Günzburg has been developed and will be expanded as the primary manufacturing plant for the PERI UP scaffolding technology; the official opening took place on 22 September 2017. Wolfgang Göggelmann is the General Manager of the new plant in Günzburg and has been working for PERI for over 20 years. “In Günzburg, a scaffolding plant complete with cutting‑‑edge technology, efficient processes and great production depth has been realized. In the worldwide PERI production network, this facility will assume the technological leadership of the scaffolding division. It is a very exciting challenge for me to support this.”

“Our goal is to expand PERI’s worldwide production facilities into an effective networked system,” added Leonhard Braig. “Up to now, the so‑called Expansion Phase 1 has been finalised in Günzburg. In order to be optimally positioned for implementing our ambitious growth plans, we have been planning for some time now to further increase the production depth”, explained Leonhard Braig. Excavation work for the second Expansion Phase, which will include hot‑dip galvanizing operations and metal production, is scheduled to start at the end of 2017.

State‑of‑the‑art and efficient

A cutting‑edge factory layout, efficient plant engineering and optimal processes play a decisive role for the new manufacturing facility. The production plant in Günzburg is one of the most efficient scaffolding factories in the world whereby, among other things, state‑of‑the‑art welding processes and fully automated welding robots ensure a consistently high quality of the welds. The PERI quality assurance system in Günzburg also operates at the highest level with the facility being equipped with highly accurate measuring technology thus guaranteeing consistently high production results.

In addition, an important contribution to the efficiency of the plant is realized by aligning the entire production process according to so‑called value streams that optimize all material and communication flows in the factory.

Worldwide growth – but firmly rooted in the region

The new location in Günzburg plays an enormously important role in the company’s strategy. Only with a highly modern, efficient production PERI can keep pace with global market developments. “The investment for the first and second expansion phases in Günzburg is in the region of hundreds of millions of Euros. Parallel to this, we will continue to expand operations at the Weissenhorn plant and in administration. The region is and will continue to be the centre for our worldwide activities and a tremendously important production location for PERI – even with a continued increase in internationalization”, outlined Alexander Schwörer, Managing Director for Marketing and Sales. Up to now, the family‑owned company PERI has created 90 jobs in Günzburg and, after the second expansion phase has been completed, PERI’s scaffolding production will provide work for around 300 specialist workers.

PERI UP scaffolding: Innovative technology with maximum safety

With the development of the PERI UP T 72 Scaffold System in 1998, PERI succeeded in acquiring further new customers. In addition to construction companies, which use scaffolding among other things as shoring, the Weissenhorn‑based company has also provided solutions for the scaffolding sector since then. With additional products and system components, this division has increasingly developed into PERI's second business mainstay alongside the formwork technology.

PERI scaffolding technology clearly stands out from competing systems in the market. Especially in terms of safety, PERI products make a very convincing case and are finding more and more recognition in the worldwide market under the name PERI UP.

With the PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding, PERI has been gaining more and more users in the plant engineering sector for a number of years now which is another target group. In April 2016, PERI showcased the new PERI UP Easy Façade Scaffolding at the world’s leading trade bauma in Munich – the scaffold is primarily used in the craft’s sector. The first response to the new development has been more than positive as the technology developed in‑house in Weissenhorn has set a new standard in the market especially regarding the safety for erectors and users. With the current product portfolio, PERI can easily cover all requirements of professional scaffolding operations.