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Project-specific solutions using unique combination of formwork and scaffold systems

Sep 9, 2020

TrIIIple, Vienna, Austria, Vienna, Austria

Thanks to a competent support service and well-thought-out system utilisation, PERI is successfully constructing the complex building geometry of the three TrIIIPle residential towers on the Danube Canal in Vienna, which is subject to stringent requirements. Safe working processes, optimised construction site logistics and cost-effective solutions see demanding building schedule adhered to.

With a project volume of over 300 million euros and usable floor space of around 70,000 m2, TRIIIPLE is making residential history in Vienna. Construction work on the two residential towers and the halls of residence began at the end of 2018. A smaller office tower will be the final piece in the ensemble. The project is scheduled for completion in autumn 2021.

Formwork and scaffolding solution from a single source

PERI Austria has been able to meet the strict requirements of the contractor – safe working conditions at slab edges, optimised construction site logistics due to a lack of storage space and the resulting time savings, as well as shoring to support the building cantilevers – by means of efficient planning using formwork and scaffold systems.

Comprehensive safety concept

The RCS-P Climbing Protection Panel is the ideal solution for ensuring safe working conditions at slab edges and at great heights as well as for ensuring gap-free enclosure of the building shell floors. The rail-guided climbing system covers three floors during the construction project in Vienna, thus simplifying the work processes carried out on the complex building geometry. Each unit of the climbing protection panel can be moved to the next section as required by crane or mobile climbing hydraulics. An integrated landing platform facilitates the lifting of materials by crane.

Measurement of concrete maturity level in real time

The new, cloud-based PERI InSite sensor technology optimises the concreting process on the construction site further still. Thanks to the sensors used, the concrete strength is measured in real time and reduces costly waiting times up to the point where the concrete is fully hardened.

Sophisticated design thanks to VST Heavy-Duty Shoring Towers

The ingenious design of the TrIIIple Towers is characterised by the cantilevers on the 11th and 22nd floors. In terms of execution, VST Heavy-Duty Shoring Towers, which were secured to the building by retaining structures, proved to be the perfect choice. The surface-mounted distribution platform serves to accommodate the PERI UP scaffolding which, in turn, is required for the slab formwork. The shoring is used to bear the loads of five building shell floors until the building can support itself. The maximum leg load is 70 tonnes.

Reduced slab forming times

The slabs of the towers are cast using SKYDECK Panelised Slab Formwork. The SKYDECK drophead allows the striking process to be carried out early, thus lowering the on-site material requirements. This, in turn, ensures that the panels and girders are readily available for the forming process carried out on the next floor. In addition, the low dead weight of the light and handy SKYDECK components means that employees can work in an ergonomic manner while conserving energy.

BIM in action

The cloud service BIM 360° Field is used to provide digital support on the construction site. Panoramic rendering facilitates immersive access to the PERI solution – long before the solution is actually executed. This is also reflected in the consistent and continuous availability of all project data on the construction site.