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Group Management at PERI will be extended

Sep 13, 2013

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Sep 13, 2013
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PERI, Weißenhorn, Germany

PERI, global market leader for formwork and scaffolding with a turnover of 1.052 billion Euros in 2012 and 6,600 employees worldwide, is going to extend its Group Management. In order to represent the strong strategic importance of the topic “Innovations and Products“ on the executive board level, a new position for “Research & Development” will be created. “Innovative products and system solutions are the key to our success. Our aim is to expand our innovation leadership through the extension of our Group Management“, says Christian Schwörer, Managing Director and shareholder.

In the future, PERI’s Group Management will thus consist of the four fields of Marketing & Sales, Research & Development, Production & Supply Chain as well as Finance & Organization.

“This restructuring within the Group Management for us means the next step towards an organization which supports our strategy of sustainable, profitable growth“, states Alexander Schwörer, Managing Director and shareholder, and in charge of Marketing & Sales.

Independent of the restructuring process, Christian Schwörer has decided to leave Group Management and to further accompany the company from his position as a shareholder. “We have been able to set up a powerful organization over the recent years so that we find ourselves in a very good position today. This now offers me the opportunity to take up a couple of upcoming projects outside the company which I did not have time for in the past. With pleasure and vigor I will continue to actively follow the further strategic development of PERI as a shareholder“, says Christian Schwörer. He will continue in his position until his successor as Managing Director Finance & Organization has been nominated.

The business development of the PERI Group is also positive in 2013. Despite some difficult markets in Southern Europe the company continues to grow. This year a turnover amounting to 1.08 billion Euros is expected. About 10% of this comes from the domestic German market where the family-owned company is able to benefit from the currently strong building activities. Further important growth markets are Russia, Brazil, the Middle East, India and the USA. Some quite spectacular construction projects all around the world are built with the help of PERI products. Current examples are the reconstruction of the City Palace in Berlin as the Humboldt Forum, the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, an underground line in Doha, Qatar und an office building at the central railway station in Vienna. PERI manufactures products for worldwide distribution at its headquarters in Weissenhorn, where 1,600 people are employed.