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DOMINO Panel Formwork


DOMINO is the lightweight, movable by crane panel formwork with compact dimensions. The system is particularly suitable for residential and civil engineering projects as well as construction in existing buildings. Through the inset tie points, sleeve foundations, parapets, retaining walls and beams can be quickly and easily formed. If no crane is available, the DOMINO Alu version is used. The DRS Alignment Coupler ensures flush, aligned and tight panel connections.

Easy and simple handling
through small-sized panels and low weight – especially when using the aluminium panels

Ideally suited for foundations
due to inset tie points and matching accessories

Fast panel connections
with the DRS Alignment Coupler as the only component for all panel connections

Technical Details

  • Light aluminium panel formwork for a wide range of uses, can also be mounted without requiring a crane
  • Panel heights up 2.50 m, panel widths up to 1.00 m (standard version)
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure: 60 kN/m²
  • All connections are guaranteed to be flush, aligned and tight with the DRS Alignment Coupler
  • DKS Wedge Connector for ensuring easy connections in the foundations with lower load-bearing requirements

Extended programme

Lightweight aluminium elements, clearly distinguishable through the yellow powder coating

DOMINO 150 | 275 | 300
Elements with heights of 1.50 m, 2.75 m and 3.00 m for an extended range of applications