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For PERI, BIM is a future-oriented method that helps to plan and control all construction processes – from the initial idea to the actual operation of buildings.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a software-based method for the planning and implementation of construction projects, based on a 3D building or structure model. BIM has been tried and tested as a work method in large projects all across the world and offers transparent project handling and a high degree of planning security to building owners as well as everyone involved in the construction process.

All construction components included in BIM are described in detail regarding their visual, technical and functional properties. By further integrating the factors of time and costs, the 3D model gradually turns into a 4D or 5D model. 

People, standards, processes and the technology form the integral parts of BIM. The key factor for success here is the human being: Everyone involved has to support the joint work approach; they have to be able to handle the documentation and communication technology as well as to know the processes and standards. 

The most important advantage of BIM is that planning and execution variations can be simulated in the 3D building model already at a very early stage of the project. This helps everyone involved in the building project to see where, when, why and at which costs interface problems could occur – during the planning phase for the building as well as during the subsequent execution. 

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