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Intervention Shaft 2, Kuala Lumpur

Project data

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Intervention Shaft 2 is primarily required to allow access for the fire and rescue service in the event of an emergency underground; to allow control of smoke in the event of fire in the tunnel; and to maintain the tunnel air quality and temperature within prescribed limits during periods of train service congestion.


To provide access for the workers from the existing ground to the underground with a height of 60m. The hanging staircase has a plan dimension of 1.5mx3.0m.  The site conditions require the staircase to be erected from the top of the excavation and extended towards the ground 60m below.


OTA Tunnel Squad Sdn Bhd

Customer's benefit

The flexible and safe assembly enables the workers to utilize the staircase whilst erecting the system in a continuous sequences.

The lightweight of the PERI UP Rosette Flex improves th espeed of erection.

Mr. P. Alaguraj
Commercial Manager

Everything worked out fantastically with the PERI UP solution and thanks must also be given to the on-going site support we received. 

PERI solution

PERI Stairtower. 

For safety compliance, a heavty-duty truss is needed as the frame.  The hanging staircase is connected and secured with nut and bolt and subsequently anchored to the wall for lateral stability.    The system can accommodate permissible loads of 2.0kN/sqm for flights of stairs and 2.0 kN/sqm for the continuous run of the staircase.