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National Veterans Memorial and Museum, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Project data

Location: Columbus, United States

  • Designed as a veteran monument, the memorial presents interactive and educational exhibits, permanent and temporary exhibits and meeting rooms for veterans groups
  • Impressive and sophisticated architectural design
  • Designed by Allied Works Architecture


  • Asymmetrical building construction consisting of several interlaced concentric walls which rises from the earth with elegant and sweeping curves
  • The elegant, sweeping curves of the three interlaced cast-in-place reinforced concrete rings that define the structure belie the complexity of the project’s design and construction
  • Complex wall geometry through curved walls with 400 voids
  • High demands on exposed concrete surfaces
  • Shoring solution to support very large pours, as long as 36 m and 12 m tall
  • Realization of architecturally demanding shapes only on the basis of a 3D model, as the plans did not contain any dimensions due to the complicated structure



Baker Concrete Construction Inc.

Field Service

PERI Chicago, United States of America

Customer's benefit

  • Economical construction of the curved walls due to the multiple use of VARIO system components, even though every formwork element was different
  • Very large concreting sections up to 36 m and 12 m high, supported by PERI UP Shoring, made the construction of the complex wall geometry possible
  • High-quality fair-faced concrete surfaces so that sandblasting could be dispensed with
Portrait of Jon Jones, General Superintendent at Baker Concrete Construction Inc
Jon Jones
General Superintendent

Two other contractors had this project and turned it down. Baker was approached to do it and accepted the challenge. PERI took on this challenge with us. PERI was probably the only company that could have constructed and supplied the forms to us. It has been a very challenging project for both parties.

PERI solution

  • The individual formwork solution for the collection of concentric arches that cross to create interwoven concrete rings
  • Planning, construction and delivery of over 9,000 m² VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork to create the curved walls with constantly changing radius
  • Each panel had to be different due to the constantly changing radii
  • 400 void forms were required to create the openings in the concrete rings. These plywood box-outs were CNC-cut in PERI’s yard and ranged in size from 3 m² to 25 m²
  • High construction effort for the execution of the voids with a tapering edge

PERI systems in use