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PERI UP Stair 75


The PERI UP Stairs, with a width of 75 cm, are constructed from lightweight yet robust aluminium, making them suitable for both alternating staircase units and staircase units in the same direction. This versatile staircase ensures a reliable level of safety, even under a load of up to 2.5 kN/m2. As an application from the PERI UP Scaffolding Kit, you can benefit from the system's high flexibility. The staircase can be integrated into a facade scaffold during assembly or added to an existing facade scaffold without requiring an additional row of verticals. Additionally, the stairs can be used as a standalone stair tower, which can be easily transported by a crane.

System integrated self-locking function
reliably prevents all decks from being lifted off without any additional components.

Reduced weight
of the components improves ergonomics with easier handling.

High level of comfort
provided by the 75-cm-wide steps, with equal step heights and deep treads, ensure a firm footing while reducing tripping hazards.

Technical Details

Ground plans:

  • 0.75 m x 0.75 m/0.50 m; 0.75 m x 1.50 m/0.50 m;
  • 0.75 m x 1.50 m/1.0 0m; 0.75 m x 2.50 m/2.00 m;
  • 0.75 m x 3.00 m/2.00 m

Permissible loads:

  • for flights of stairs and decks: 2.50 kN/m2
  • for the entire construction up to 66 m: 2.00 kN/m2 across 20 linear meters


  • counter climbing metre in 2.50 m variant: approx. 85 kg
  • climbing metre in the same direction in 3.00 m variant: approx. 115 kg

Adjustment to the building:

  • 1.00 m and 0.50 m height adjustments via console bracket or
  • in tower 0.20 m height adjustments via stair ledgers

Una variante para espacios estrechos

Escalera PERI UP para obras y ampliaciones

Con la escalera para obras y ampliaciones pueden montarse accesos en el interior de edificios con cajas de escalera estrechas. Para ello, se colocan largueros UH más cortos en un ángulo de 90° a la misma altura y se montan zancas de escalera de menor largo y altura. La escalera para obras y ampliaciones sirve al mismo tiempo de plataforma de trabajo para trabajar en los muros. Con componentes estándar  pueden montarse accesos modulados cada 25 cm. Las configuraciones estándar están disponibles para la altura de pisos frecuente de 2,75 m.