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PERI UP Rosett Public Stair


PERI UP Public is the ideal solution for temporary stairs in public areas. Typical applications are providing access to grandstands or as temporary pedestrian bridges as well as stair replacement during renovation work. With these stairs, particularly high requirements regarding permissible loads, flight widths along with guardrail and landing arrangements can be fulfilled. As a result, PERI UP Public always focuses on providing complete safety for all users.

Different structures with the same system components
Can be used as single or linked continuous staircases, dog-legged staircases or as stair towers

Conforms to current legal requirements
Stair geometry and landing arrangement meet the requirements for use in public areas

For large public gatherings
With a permissible live load of up to 7.50 kN/m²

Technical Details

  • Staircases comprised of stringers and stair treads with 150 cm, 200 cm or 250 cm widths
  • For use in public areas
    • as single continuous staircase
    • as linked continuous staircases
    • as dog-legged staircases
    • as stair towers with or without stair wells
  • Stair tower ground plan ≥ 3.25 m x 5.50 m
  • Fulfils the geometrical requirements concerning landing arrangements, rise and tread ratio, safety barriers and climbing over guardrails as well as vandal-proof demands
  • Permissible live load 7.50 kN/m², guardrail load up to 2.00 kN/m