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Ritz Corporate Suite

Suite Kuala Lumpur uses Multitude of PERI Formwork to address the needs for quick and safe construction

The formwork was chosen during the tender stage, based on several requirements by the main contractor, most importantly however, the stringent adherence to safety standards. Seah elaborates further: "Noise and environmental issues are of course important factors. We are surrounded by other hotels and we cannot impose on their operation too much. Again, PERI systems offer an answer here as they are developed with these approaches in mind. Look at the safety aspects of PERI solutions and you will see that for example brackets and all provisions are created with that in mind".

The Multiprop system as it is easy to erect, simple in handling and provides an ample space under the slab formwork above. These are, according to Seah, ideal conditions to work with. Currently, several PERI systems (Modular systems for walls and columns, Climbing platforms and Vario systems) are in use at the site. Later on, Tableform will be added to the existing array of Formwork solutions provided by PERI Formwork Malaysia.

The total construction time will be 28 months. Currently, 200 staff are working on site The first floor is relatively high, soon to host retail shops, with the next floors to be the car park. From the 10th floor onwards, the Ritz Carlton property will house offices in Tower 1 and serviced residences in Tower 2.

PERI Systems In Use
  • PD 8 Table System
  • VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork
  • CB Climbing System
  • TRIO Column formwork
  • Fin-Ply and Rus-Ply
  • ST 100 Stacking Tower

  • Mr. Seah Kok Siang

    Senior Project Co-ordinator

    This is my first time using PERI Systems and I am impressed by how easy it is to deploy them. This is obviously important on such a vast site where efficiencies count. Most wokers have been using PERI Formwork before and were specifically chosen because of the experience with the IBS

    Field Service: PERI Formwork Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia